Sunday, March 31, 2013

don't laugh at me, but i have finally discovered the awesomeness of youtube! people go through step by step lewis dot structures! i missed half the chem lecture last week cause of chem lab, so i got lost for obvious reasons. but now i have answers on youtube (: but i also like the new chem lecturer, since he actually does pen to paper stuff.

and congrats keely! you still have to sign my painting my a few years ago...

free ruler from sermon today! basically about how God is the full 30cm, and we always put a "characteristic/judgemental" ruler on other people, and we always exaggerate our worth, like we are really "5cm" but we put an extra 1 to think we're "15cm"

there weren't any smoothies at maccas, so i my mum got a banana artificially flavoured milkshake for me =/ oh well, she used the monopoly sticker things... now i am craving boost, since i was expecting to have a smoothie today...

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