Monday, March 18, 2013

Sugar Filled Day

twas nice seeing connie today! and thanks again for the hot choc (: it was really good, but a tad too sweet. i guess they might have put too much chocolate syrup. i had my grapes while drinking it, and usually when you eat fruit, it's super sour after a sweet drink, but the grapes had the same amount of sweetness as the hot chocolate. i was so full from that, and didn't finish lunch until just before 4.

I FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE CHECK IN TO HUNGRY JACKS. you get their app, and check in, and then you can score free food everytime. i got a frozen coke today, so more sugar. it was nice since i haven't had once central cost trip with church uni peeps.

today's bio lecturer was better, and she was so trendy with her sunnies, branded handbag, and she was like "i hope i don't trip over my [insert Italian brand name] heels", well they were like 5 inches and she likes to pace around while she talks =/

last week, 2 bus drivers asked how was my day, today this one told people that they shouldn't get on since there weren't any seats. yay for getting on at the first stop (:

i applied for these random jobs when uni started, but now i don't even have time to go to their interviews, so how will i even have time for a job? lol.

i feel like salty stuff.

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