Monday, March 11, 2013

Moving at Uni

i now understand why people say "oh, you lose all your hsc fat at uni"

i've even personally seen some of my friends who have literally lost heappps of weight, one of my friends is now stick think, only bones and muscles. even her muscles have shrunk, she used to be a gymnast..

all the walking up the steps. i have found a way to get to lower to upper campus without any stairs. walking down the main walkway. going up the steps of buildings 2/3 flights since waiting for lifts take too long.

walking from the bus stop outside to the station. parking my car 10m away from the bus stop, or if i wake up early enough, walk to the bus stop and back home.

then there's the no eating rule. at cbs, they did a survey and the rule everyone likes to break is the no eating/drinking in the lecture rooms/library/tute rooms. seriously, how do people survive with 5+ blocks of lectures/tutes/labs? my most massive block is 4 hours, but i have a break before to eat. i used to think tight timetables were good. but you do really need time to eat. like my aunt who i have never seen, apparently she studied full hard and didn't eat, so there was a hole in her stomach and she got cancer. no jokes.

so eat!!! i love my food (:

but i am determined to lose weight at uni-lol. plus, after walking a whole day at uni, i also have 4 hours of dance a week.

also, i made it back home today in 1hour 15min! record time for peak hour traffic (:

the guy we had for bio today did everything so fast, i kind of got lost, and apparently it's all "assumed knowledge," but no courses require you to do bio for hsc =/ i guess he means general knowledge, but my general knowledge sucks-so probs explain why i don't get some of it..

finally bumped into jb-hi5 today, but literally walked past, i haven't seen her since..o-week. and finally talked to dandelion today! again, only walk past.

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