Thursday, March 28, 2013


felt like the use of hash tags were necessary.

a week of goinglate to a 9am lecture, missing out on half a lecture, crashing people's tutes, ending at 2, going to uni before 8.45am.

i did feel prepared for today's test, except i kind of mind blanked, and also the wording! yeah it confused me. even though it's worth 15%, and if i get over 10, then i can maintain a credit average. the thing why i am/was so scared about this test, is because it's supposed to be "free marks" since a) haven't learnt a lot of content b)supposed to be the easier first test c) actually relates to my future, unlike implicit differentiation (which i actually pretty cool). so if i fail this very first test, how will i survive the rest of the 5 years? i've flipped through my sem1 textbook, and oh wow, the derivations at the end are ilke 2 pages long in tiny text, with integration and heaps of trig etc, so i guess that's why they make us do maths for a semester.

noooo. i have to get 2 more teeth pulled out, but that can wait till mid year break. i feel teeth deficient already -lol. apparently wisdom teeth pulling is really dangerous. until then, i will have to suffer through occasional pain.
and apparently i have to get a vaccine next week, in case i become sick. seriously, EVERYONE AROUND ME WHEN I SIT DOWN IS SICK. on the bus, people next to you cough, and behind you they sneeze, and the seat pitch is very small, for my liking. i try to find people who don't seem to be sick and sit near them, but then comes along more people for sniff and cough after i sit down. then just walking/standing someone coughs or sneezes. I CAN'T GET SICK, and i think you're more exposed to germs in uni than in high school. in high school, i just face the same people everyday and my car, so my immune system gets used to it, but not in uni/public transport. heh, train person called some kids today idiots.

since my dentist is next to noggi, i finally tried it today (also after exam comfort food)! first of all, i think it's expensive, compared to the other asian places, ie moochi/yogurberry. and it was soooo tiny for a regular and i don't like their loyalty card. only accumulate 10% of what you purchase, so if i want a free regular, i would have to spent 60bucks, unlike moochi, where you can buy 8 of the cheapest ones, so approx 2.5 times 8 bucks, and then get a free regular. shirley was right, the green tea was bad, luckily i taste tested it. i had tiramisu and watermelon. the tiramisu had a very subtle flavour, like biscotti, but the watermelon was really nice, and not too sweet (i think praus is a bit too sweet for my liking). the texture was pretty good, but again, the serving was small ))): i think so far, i like yogurt world the best, self serve and texture and taste is the best (: oh, and i have to mention again how they have chai. all froyo places use the same spoon now, just their brands printed on the end.
i like the colour theme of this (:

we had a blackout yesterday halfway through our maths lecture, so we didn't end up having our algebra lecture. there were weird sirens, and a voiceover repeating itself, telling us to evacuate. even though i think strikes are cool, and we missed an hour yesterday, now i think it's bad, because you paid for your tuition, so now you're basically getting ripped off. so i lost an hour's worth of my money yday-lol. why are algebra tutors so much better than calculus. went to another algebra tute yday, and again the guy was good. and everyone says their calculus one is bad.

i got to the city in less than 50min today! i guess everyone just takes a day off work cause of the long weekend. there was still a tiny bit of traffic since m2 isn't fixed. sometimes i wonder will i graduate before they finish fixing it? and i've also decided going to city by bus esp during peak hour is the way to go, since they have bus lanes on the harbour bridge and around city etc. oh, and i finished at 2pm today! first time unsw to city bus took 15mins, since there wasn't any school zones (: but i know school zones are good for kids, seriously.

i still don't understand why my parents put down my name for my car. usually when parents buy their kids cars/kids get cars, they just get the keys and say they have a car, but i just knew that my parents put down my name for the car, so it's really technically mine, which explains why insurance cost for the car itself is extra high, like it makes the car kind of worthless (actually my car is worthless, apart from the ctp green slips etc which cost a fortune considering how much my car atm is actually worth). and i hardly ever drive these days. probs 2 hours max a week. i think i do use my mymulti for over what it's worth, which is good and satisfying, but still costs 26bucks each week ): 

i really hate all those online test. can't believe it took me 5 attempts to finally get 100. like 3/5 times i accidentally missed out a bracket or minus sign when typing it in, it's so annoying.

oh, and in chem prac yday, we did titration. well i haven't done chem in over a year, and kind of forgot everything. it took me sooo long to prepare my standard. the when i did start titrating, people were already up to their 3rd one. and my unknown solution was the most...unconcentrated..? so it took me longer to get the naoh out of the burette and then slow the tap close to endpoint. it's actually quite embarrasing if you overshoot it, since it's bright pink, and you do a "walk of shame" to the sink to pour it out/pour it out before the demonstrator glares(?) at you.i over shot it twice, then on the third one, over shot it by 2 drops, but 4th was ok. so then i decided to minus 0.1ml for the overshot ones, and in the end, i got a percentage error of 1% (: yay for fudging results!

bro came back from camp today, after a 6 hour bus trip. apparently the scenery/food there wss nice, but they slept in like massive rooms/halls with teachers. his hair has grown a lot in 4 days. oh, he shaved his hair again this year. so glad i still have a bro in school, since apparently they still have school for two more weeks after long weekend. i guess that's good since during my break, i can do work in silence, and without neighbouring 7yr old kids shouting out crap like "hey DUDES" at the top of their voices

i am going to study and try to "be ahead" of my work this week. so behind in chem. and i think my bio group work isn't going to happen, so i probs have to do most of it myself, why don't people respond to emails? ):
my week 5 is jam packed from beginning to end.

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