Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sem 1 Wedenesdays

Just downloaded the blogger app and now blogging on phone on the bus because I don't have time at home...

I end at 3 on wed, my only early finish. I start at 9 as well, so it's not a short day. Chem pracs are fun. I missed doing them, but uni ones are cooler cause you wear lab coats and glasses that fit.

Had an ice breaker game at plus yesterday. We literally ice - breaked. This guy froze socks in an ice cream container, so we had to break the ice, and the socks were frozen in a knot, so we literally out socks into boiling water.. But it was fun throwing ice around

Finally caught a bus to uni which doesn't go to surry hills/ central. But I am so pissed because just then, I caught a bus from uni to townhall, and freakin 25min traffic jams between central and town hall. I normally catch train from central to town hall , never again bus it at arvo peak hour. After work, you can feel the tension on the roads, heaps of people breaking road rules compared to morning.

So much things to do ): I still find it funny how my friend said he had time management issues, and he does commerce at UNSW. 15 hours max. Even if you have heaps of essays etc, I have heaps more contact hours and travel time, I still think I would be able to finish the essays and have a social life if I did commerce, but I don't like commerce, so yeah.

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