Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I finally got my textbook yesterday! Don't judge, the bookshop order just took long): but I really like it! It looks heavy but is pretty light, and when you open it, the spine doesn't bend.

I really like my Tuesday arvo bus driver. He makes an effort to drive fast, and gets me home faster. And ending at 4pm is the best, skip all the school zones and it's just before after work peak hour. Unfortunately, I only end at 4 on tues. also, you start to recognise people and bus drivers on your buses. I still don't understand the logic of parents bringing their under 3 year olds to work? Do they have child care in the city...?

Volunteer for Optus rock corps with me guys! Give 4 hours, get free concert ticket(: I'm going to the castle hill one if anyone's interested.
My week 5 is going to be crazily busy, weddings, eisteddfods etc and then week 6mon is a maths test:/ so sorry guys, I don't want to go out during mid sem break...

Blogging on the bus saves time (:

I find that it's hard to study vision stuff on the bus...

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