Wednesday, March 13, 2013

i have bumped into like no-one this week, max 5. and for the record, i'm not at the library, well not yet.

i just have so much stuff on, even in my 3 hour breaks. like today was the first bakesoc event, and there was free food! well people just brought whatever they baked, but it was good stuff. had like five cupcakes though =/ feelssofat ): but the savoury stuff was good as well. some people whipped the egg whites as fast as an electric mixer. also had a cake decorating comp. it was a massive waste of icing/piping bags/cake etc. the winning team made a cake into the cupcake shape and decorated it into a cupcake, and another team made a smiley face.

i like my calculus lectures over my algebra lectures, as the guy predicted.

i don't have time to do hw on mon/tuesday nights, and only 2 hours on wed. so thurs/fri/sat/sun are the only days where i actually do work

decided to go to the live streaming for chem today. it's so much more chill there, you can eat without the lecturer death staring you, people play games etc even i got distracted on my phone =/ less awkward when you walk out, but the screen is tiny since they split half of it of the actual camera, other half is the powerpoint.

i think chem labs will be fun, BUT WE HAVE TO STAND FOR TWO HOURS. FIRST THING I NOTICED WAS NO CHAIRS ))): so my feet will hurt more, esp on wednesday, after tues night dancing. even hour 3 hour bio lab has chairs, well i'm glad it does. the chem labs are cooler and cleaner and more pro (:

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  1. Noooo, no chairs?!
    Lol, it's okay, you can exercise it off on those horrid stairs at uni.
    Bakesoc seems pretty cool.
    Lol, I bump into people all the time.


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