Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hurricanes and Connie's 18th

thanks connie for the food!

yay, finally went to hurricanes! it's been hyped up by a lot of my friends, and yes it met up to expectations!

the ribs were the best i've had so far. the mushroom sauce was the best so far as well. it was like an actual dipping sauce, rather than a jus for steak, but soooo good.

i get sad when people don't finish all the meat off the bone. then again, i had some ribs which were very curved, so you couldn't really eat part of it, without the rib sticking into your face. i guess it's weird how they use t-bone steak, which is one of the cheapest steaks, but then again, it's probs where you can actually get 1kg of meat in one chunk. like how would you get 1kg of scotch fillet or wagyu? scotch fillet market price is $30+/kg, while t-bone is about 15ish, but at hurricanes it cosst 60+ from memory, so a 1kg scotch fillet in a restaurant would be 100+, which is not economical. but the t-bone steak was also sooo good, parts of it was a bit least it was cooked medium-rare. my bro/mum like their steak well done to over cooked. i can't stress how much i dislike well done steak.

portuguese chicken wasn't that spicy, which was nice.

just for the record, i can use knives and forks properly, i have eaten in "higher class" restuarants. except places like hurricanes, well once i start grabbing a rib, it's so much more convenient grabbing other stuff like chips/potatoes/vegetables etc.

i have this thing where i don't where boots in summer. then i realised it's already autumn, and i should have worn boots to not get my feet wet while walking in the rain...

cake was good (:

yay for pebbles and party bags! haven't got a party bag since...primary school, literally.

i hate trackwork.

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