Thursday, March 7, 2013


first i would like to say, i have a locker at uni!!!! it cost over three times as much as high school, and half the size, but a locker at uni, yay! got one because i know when i'm rushing out of the house i might forget lab stuff, then if you don't bring it, you fail the subject.

right now, i am so )))))))))))))))): i have forgotten yr 11 stuff ): simple mole calculations and balancing equations and naming stuff i can't do. noooooooo. i remember parts of the yr 12 syllabus, but my foundations are allll gone.going to fail the diagnostic test =/  i'm starting to hate chem lectures. three in a week, and even though the guy has humour, i don't like how he reads off the slides.

i think i will really like vision, even though content is more than maths/chem, in 2 hours, we had over three written pages. she goes so fast and apparently it's a lot of work, but i love how she writes notes down, so i actually write them without looking off a boing pdf slideshow. and finally saw the whole cohort! it's about 1/3 guys, but vision is a mixture of optom/vision science people, so you don't really know who's doing what unless you ask. i have no idea what to expect from babs (bio course) since they still haven't printed the course notes, but it seems chill, since they're like, if you finish early, you can leave early when you have labs. so much more chill then chem's protocols. damnnn, my yr11 chem is all gone. someone tutor me, lol. that feeling to cry when you don't get something simple ): no, i'm not actually going to cry.

and caught bus at central at a quarter to 9, wow, no lines. if you go 45mins early, it feels like hk...had a chai latte at the library lawn coffee cart. milk was really smooth, but not enough chai spices.

freakin dog. full barking throughout 12am/1/2/3/4, couldn't freaking sleep properly. maybe why my brain is so dead. so angry now about the chem person's way of teaching. sometimes he doesn't even let the slide there for 10 secs. no point copying stuff down since it's all online, but i need to write notes to learn, so i just end up writing half of what is there. that's the problem, having stuff online gives me an attitude to be ceebs. can't do that for maths and vision, since they teach it to you there by writing stuff on the board instead of reading the slides.

this is going to be a long weekend. and i was planning to go out... ):

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  1. I realised I haven't actually seen you at uni! [Well, after uni actually started.] We can revise high school chem together if you want.

    And yes! I agree with the thing about the chem lecturer. And the thing about online stuff. Even if the lectures are online, I'd very likely not listen to them.