Saturday, March 9, 2013


i finally went to grill'd today! everyone has been, and by everyone i mean my brother. i have a thing of going to places to eat/play before him.

yay for buy one get one free voucher from o-week campus tour bag. that bag had heaps of useful vouchers. i had a baa-baa burger and mum had the almighty. mine was eatable, but the beef one was really tall, so you couldn't really fit it in your mouth. it really does feel healthy! the meat is so much more meatier and leanier, and you don't have that oily feel after eating the burger, unlike macca's which is so oily and fatty and two times the kilojoules. macca's burgers are quite expensive, like an angus burger costs around 8 bucks now, so i would much rather a healthier grill'd burger for about 13 bucks. the bread is quite nice as well (: heaps of people there didn't finish their burgers/chips. what a wast of food

had moochi today, it's been almost 2 years...i think. green tea and biscotti. biscotti never really tastes like anything. a white person was serving me, and i heard the asian next to her say, "a bit too much" yay for more froyo. except i still think the froyo at moochi has a thicker texture, not as icy. also, since when was yogurberry 25c/10g?

i figured today that if i don't go to my bio lecture on monday arvo, I CAN SAVE OVER FOUR HOURS AND CUT DOWN TO 22 CONTACT HOURS! THAT'S A WHOLE DAY OF TRAVEL TIME! since i have to wait three hours for my one hour lecture ): there's always a risk of missing out important info/notifications. i told myself i wouldn't skip any lectures, but saving over four hours every week doesn't sound too bad...

i think my wisdom teeth are coming out =/ my right side back of the teeth hurt when i clench my teeth...

i have been watching so much tv. watched a movie last night, and watching one tonight, even though i have quite a lot to do =/

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  1. High five wisdom teeth! Okay not really, it feels horrible, and now the teeth in front of the wisdom teeth are being pushed out too much, and argh teeth why must we have teeth


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