Friday, March 15, 2013

this sucks. optom cruise starts at 6.30pm. my lab finishes at 6. how will i leg it to circular quay in 30min? like today it took me 45min from uni to townhall, since lab finished 10mins late walking out to the bus stop took 5+min, waiting for the bus 10min (there is still a line and the buses take time to come) and then 20+min bus ride. then the train ride from central to circular quay would probs be 10+mins.
but i want to go! and you can't skip labs, only swap with friends, but who want a lab which finishes at 6? i don't want to be the person like at girra semi, who missed the boat...and then it would be a waste of money. bought i think 40 is cheap, compared to semi's. plus there's unlimited alcohol etc, which is cheap for 40bucks (not like i would drink heaps, but there's still unlimited drinks!)


i like my algebra tutorial guy better than calculus. he doesn't judge you if you asks stupid/easy stuff, unlike the calculus tute guy who's like "look at the course book/you should know this already-skips question" well luckily other people asked the questions i wanted to get ask. and the algebra guy is more efficient, does the questions without talking off topic, gets to the point but still understandable and is permanent here, unlike the calc guy who works at 4 unis.

I FULLY TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID ABOUT BIO. damnnn. i hate the lecturer this week (i think we have different people for different topics). each bio slide is equivalent to about 3 slides of chem of info. he jams packs the info, and expects you to have read the notes and chapter of the textbook beforehand. he also expects non-bio people to have caught up 2years of high school bio before his first lecture, ie in the holidays. and then there's heaps of material, some a bit deeper than hsc. THIS IS NOT FAIR. BIO WASN'T ASSUMED OR RECOMMENDED KNOWLEDGE FOR MY COURSE! and he read what people posted on moodle saying how non bio people found it hard, and today he was full like "it's your job to read the material and understand it before you come to the lectures" i learn nothing in the lectures. he flips through each slide at a rate of approx 20s per slide, and talks super fast. even some people who did hsc bio was a bit overwhelmed, and bio has weird assignments group projects, damn, i don't want to deal with people who just play at uni.

which brings me to another point, don't think i'll bother with social life at uni. oh wow, i sound so introverted. as in i won't go "clubbing/drinking after uni/crazy partying", all those "typical" uni stuff. time to memorise 2 years worth of bio content ): and i only do bio for one sem. this sucks.

did no work today at home. get home at 7:45pm on fridays now.

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