Sunday, March 10, 2013


damnnn, why must Maple not work when i want to use it? it worked last week ):

i have 12 hours of breaks in one week of uni. i decided my breaks, because i know i wouldn't be able to survive a 5 hours block, or a 9am-6pm block. i talked to a guy in my course, and he has 9-6 on fridays with no breaks, yet he still has a 5day week. looking at other optom people's timetables, i guess other people have it worse than me. people with 4/5 9am starts, others with a break every second hour, that would be so annoying. i have figured that 2 hours will go to doing computer tasks, 2 hours cbs/bible study (the person finally called me today!), 2 hours to go ask tutors to help me with questions which might not be answered during the actual tutorials, 1 hour of peer mentoring, if i don't go to monday arvo lecture, than that's 9 hours break a week, which leaves me 2 ish hours to study. at uni, which isn't a lot.

brain is overloading with info/dates.

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