Friday, March 8, 2013

First Week and Names

never again will i get back home at 2pm for my entire uni degree.

so annoyed, took me over an hour to get from wynyard to uni. even my bus ride from home is shorter. so much waiting at traffic lights/buses in the city.

i used to be good at remembering people's names. like in one my my labs, i think i saw to people who ere from primary school, and once they said their names, i knew it was them, but too awks to talk to them since i don't think they remember me. i remember one guy who used to be "weird" but, now he seems ok, if you get what i mean...anyways, i'm good at remembering generic names/names which i know my friends have, such as jeff, liz, joe, jess, hannah etc, i hate it when people don't say their names  clearly enough. too many people's names to remember, but personally, i would rather a couple of close friends, rather than a massive bunch of "shallow" friends.

thank you dear friends for offering to help/helping me with simple chem! after JB-hi 5 told me how to do the first question, the rest of just came flowing out. but now i'm stuck again, on titration questions, but i have notes for that somewhere...must go over chem this weekend!

first week, yep heaps of work. haven't had any proper labs or any tutes yet. i think i love babs. it's really my chill subject. we drew houses in our lecture today. legit, and the lecture is a bit more interactive, and even though he just has kind of reads of the slides, it's heaps less intense than chem. so far we haven't learnt anything. the things he talked about for babs is general junior science, like hypothesis, what is biology, stuff like that. and it's only 5 hours a week, and less if we finish our labs early. other subjects are 6 hours...soooo chill. they have phd students teaching our labs, and they might have not studied the course we do. like more than half the people in the course don't even have their course notes/lab books since they still haven't printed it after a whole week. and i've literally written only 2 lines of stuff this whole week, compared with 6+pages for optics...i haven't even bought a notebook for bio yet, there's not much things worth to write down, for now..but i know once we do genes etc it might be a bit tricky...

we did a lot of refraction in optics today. i guess we did realllly simple refraction stuff in physics, but in optics, they just add in more symbols and definitions and more linesss. got to lecture on time today, so all the good seats were taken. MUST MAKE AN EFFORT TO ARRIVE 15MINS BEFORE CLASS TO GET A GOOD SEAT. if i don't sleep enough, my contacts don't work as much, so my eye sight isn't as clear =/

i have run on 7 hours of sleep this week and feel alright. success! i still miss my 12 hours of sleep, but now i just think they're kind of a waste of time...

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