Monday, April 1, 2013

lololololol google nose and buying videos off youtube. have they always had april fools jokes? or have i just not noticed every other year before?

reading other people's works legally. babs feels like scif, well the way Dandelion describes it. giving a judgement on other people's works/mentally comparing them to your's.

my brother screws up my sleeping pattern. making noise/using the bathroom when i want to sleep, so i end up sleeping past 12 during this easter, and waking up past 9.30. i shall try to go back to 7 hours sleep starting from today! also, i feel like i have done nothing, well i have crossed out a third of my to-do list, but all the important stuff has not entered my head-and that's what needs to be done! (mini panic attack)
finally finished putting all the dates of exams/assessments/quizzes etc. literally have one each will i survive....

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