Friday, April 12, 2013

Optom Cruise

first of all, if you didn't know, last week they started real time for trains. now only hillsbus don't have it, but they're pretty reliable, so are metrobuses. anyways, whenever i check up on a train for the lols (i don't catch trains) all are late, except usually 1. cityrail is always late. state transit buses are late because of traffic in city, which is understandable and unavoidable, but trains don't have traffic!

anyways, so night before i got home at 12am, and then got 6.5 hours of sleep to wake up before 7. waited over an hour until the boat came, which was the same boat as baulko semi and they didn't open the second level.

i regret going, waste of 8+hours and 40$ of my life. a lot of waiting. disappointed. it's not that great. food was pizza hut which tasted nothing compared to the look. like even if it looks like a different flavour, they just taste the same. the unlimited alcohol was obviously cheap stuff, so wasn't good. WHICH IS WHY I MISS HK BECAUSE MY RELATIVES LOVE EXPENSIVE/GOOD ALCOHOL. they fulled explained to me what's the difference between sparkling wine and champagne, and some of them have been to wine tasting places all over the globe, including 3 places in aus...which i haven't been to...

going on a cruise on the harbour doesn't excite me anymore. probs go to another optom cruise in my last year. heaps of people dressed to the theme/full dressed up but i was obviously ceebs since i had to lug around all my books. and the people, i'll just leave you to your imagination...i put my bag under a chair and it still smelt like alcohol at the end, and glass bottles shattered on the floor, so wearing heels/wedges is way better/safer than wearing flats.

got home at 1am.

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