Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wedding No.(?)

i have forgotten how many weddings i've been to, but i do keep their invites/programs for future reference/inspiration, lol.

this one was different. and i made it just in time before the bride walked in =/ she was super on time. once we waited for over an hour...this one was conservative, i don't know the proper term. like they had normal white toyota/ford cars as their wedding cars with some ribbons. the church was a very casual church (like not the ones with mosaics and hard seats) and there was minimal decorations. even the chairs the bride/groom sat on were normal plastic chairs. the hall was very wide not long, and i sat on the far edge so i couldn't take a proper photo, and then after arvo tea, there were way too many people to take an individual pic. i guess having a wide hall meant it could fit more people compared to having it in a small/traditional church hall setting.

it was very nice, and there was a deck with a nice view.
their children are going to be very cute/pretty when they grow up. halfies are always soooo pretty (think of a not pretty halfie-i can't think of one).

the order of things was different as well. like they said all the vows first before the talk from a pastor/songs/signing. oh, and they used an ordinary pen. idk, i think fancy feather pens are cool from weddings. but the bride did the whole "wear something borrowed/new/old/blue" thing. her heels were super trendy.

more to say but i need to study.

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