Sunday, April 7, 2013

today is definitely the calm before the storm.

first written maths test tomorrow.
then an exam/something due every week after that except week 13, which is the study period, and some other week, but i bet something else is going to pop up.

is i had just one day free, then i would love uni, just one day free means i could do so much work and not fall behind. like i finished all my notes before easter sunday last week, so the one free day of good friday last week was massive in helping me keep up to date on my work. even a half day would be perfect.

but i will never ever experience free days in my uni life. sob. which is why i will treasure those rare public holidays (although we do get more public holidays than places like hk)

how will i wake up at 6.45 tomorrow? it's going to be all dark and cold and i've been waking up past 9 this whole week...i've also fully stuffed myself with food this week, since when uni comes, i won't have time to eat food, well not a satisfying meal. seriously, during uni, even after i had a decent meal, i always feel constantly hungry and looking forward to my next meal...i figured it must be due to the CONSTANT moving before, during and after uni.

see you (everyone) guys on the other side! (as in end of semester break, and unless i somehow bump into you/you crash my lectures)

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