Thursday, April 11, 2013

Optus Rockcorps Concert

my first ever concert! and it was free!

left uni and started to line up 5ish, talked to some randoms and attempted to study, but it got dark pretty quickly. once doors, opened, it was like, literally run in.

we could have been in the second row of the mosh pit, but no thanks, i already stood for over 2 hours, can't stand another 4+ hours, so we got side seats. there were hardly any seats, so they could fit more standing.

ended up starting at like 8.30. sooo much waiting.
but i don't feel content, and it wasn't a great as i was expecting. maybe because i didn't stay for the script (no buses back to central at 11, and i had a 9am start the next day, and it's vision, so once you miss out on something, you become lost). so sad ))): but if i really wanted to see them, i could have paid 90 bucks to see them the weekend before. if i ever buy a concert ticket, i think i would be a massive fan/know most of their songs.

but guy sebastian was pretty good live. i used to not like him when he first won idol, but now he's not bad. and battle scars is a really good song imo. potbelleez, like i've heard them before, but can't place names to them, except for don't hold back which was quite big in our junior years (i did a contemporary dance to it before), and tinie tempah, i only knew one/two songs, since usually i think he's featured in other people's songs.

oh, and also got free headphones which seems pretty decent since they were packaged with a box. another thing to add to my optus rockcorps free list.

if i was ever to go into a mosh pit, i would advise: don't bring anything. legit. except for your tickets. they checked bags for bottles with liquid (i had a full bottle beforehand, but luckily i lugged my uni stuff with me, so it was at the bottom of my bag), just bring your phone, and nothing else. like, those people packed there, i felt sorry for them. even sitting down was stuffy, i think i would die in there. the first/second row of the moshpit is the best, since they have security guards squirting water from bottles into people's mouths/on the people to slightly hydrate them. i think i'm way too short for moshpits. i can imagine people's elbows bashing my head while they jump to the beat. when i have time, i shall try to source the video of the concert on channel v (but i don't have foxtel, so hopefully someone put it on the net..)

lights make things cooler.

slept at 12.30am, but surprisingly was not late to 9am lecture, since the lecture was late by 15mins. so by the time i got there, she kind of just started.

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