Friday, April 26, 2013

4 day week

1. we need more public holidays (even though we have quite a few)
2. public holidays should lie on a thursday, as more than 1/4 of business people take friday off to have a "long weekend", which eases up traffic immensely, and i can get to uni without any traffic jam internal stress, i'm happy, every is happy enjoying their weekend/trafficless day.

traffic is so good. not even any traffic on the harbour bridge. by traffic, i mean moving at less than 50km/h on a motorway/ in a 70+km/h zone.

uni is so sad. this basically contradicts everyone of my fellow bloggers. why? because my timetable sucks. today i snuck into an earlier lab, AND OUT OF ALL THE VISN LABS, they decided to mark the role (probs cause last week, the last lab was almost empty), so after a lot of pleading/begging (since i didn't have a valid excuse) she didn't kick me out (because recently, people get kicked out if you go to an earlier lab). she only marked half the class, but didn't go to the back half, but the back half also had heaps of people from the last lab. next time if i sneak in, i'll join the back lab/walk out if she starts marking the role. seriously, i save almost three hours. but then, in the last lab, you actually understand stuff without copying people. which is why, it is essential for me to somehow enrol at 12.30pm sharp on 8th may, but i still need to figure out how without missing my 2 hour chem lab.

i would be so, so happy and satisfied with a 4 day week. get everything done, with time to chill/hang. whenever i see people on the library lawn, i think they are arts/ commerce students with their three/four day timetables. stupid uni brochures with those oh so chill people hanging out, making uni a "work-free illusionary place".

oh, i get to do two gen ed subjects in my course! i will defs pick something with minimal hours/allow me to possibly have a 4 day week, but that's not until 3rd/4th year....sometimes i wonder, what is there to study about eyes for 5 years? i mean, people study the whole body and the eye in 5 years and become doctors. i guess i shall see as time passes...

so on my train ride from central to town hall, i was on fb, and came across $2.50 moochi. since my bus stop is close, i decided to get some. but i am so stupid! i had biscotti last time, and it tasted bland, but i forgot i had it, so i got it again, and i also had mango. in the end, i could hardly differentiate between the flavours since they were both bland, they just tasted like frozen yogurt without the flavour. it's a regular size, but they cup size has definitely gone smaller since feb. like the size of a regular is now a noggi cup size. everything has down sized. but it was my first time to get toppings (since it was included in the price). i finally got some of those juice pearls. i would have gotten blueberries since they are expensive (but they didn't have many toppings), so got some strawberries. the other fruits you can tell were canned. i don't understand why people put chocolate/typical junk food with their froyo. it takes away the texture/flavour of the froyo.

any while i was eating at an fast enjoyable pace, three buses passed. i'm pretty sure they wouldn't let me on to have froyo on the bus because a) it's a "messy/liquidy" food b) it's hard to hide without them noticing. not satisfied. melted quicker than normal, happened last time with on special yogurberry, since their machines don't have enough time to make it perfect to serve heaps of people at once.

and at the station, i saw a 5 year old accidently roll/push his skateboard between the platform and gap. luckily the train already came, because i think there was a large chance that he would run after it, onto the tracks. don't want to watch someone getting hit by a train...

bro gets to watch iron man 3 today, going korean bbq, and then another movie right now. what? he has exams next week, and he has not studied. no fair.

oh, on tv today, there was a white person called Elisa, spelt and pronounced EXACTLY my way. surprised. 

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