Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ben and Jerry's Day!

last year we went to ben and jerry's THE DAY AFTER free cone day since we had exams.

this year was a must, even if i had to take over an hour of my time.

so glad bitter started to line up before i got there (she was getting her 4th!). the lines weren't super long. like by the time i finished my first one, i just waited a minute or so to get my next one. ended up getting three (: it took about 10mins, so it was alright.

i got: new york super fudge chunk, coconut seven layer bar and sweet cream and cookies.

i had a bit of bitter's chunky monkey, and it tasted familiar, then i realised i had it in hk (it's actually not cheap in hk, about the same price as aus) i think i ate over $15 today (:

the new york one was very nutty, i think the coconut one was too overpowered by the coconut shred things, and the cookies and cream had good bits of cookies(:

other flavours i've had before were choc chip cookie dough, phish food and strawberry cheesecake. i think the cookie dough still remains my favourite-first flavour i ever had and my mum bought a tub of it for my bro and i. however, i was reading stuff about ben and jerry's and people say they have started/used genetically modified foods in their products, so respect has gone down ):

but it was still soooo good (: soooo full. like i wasn't even hungry today, since i had a pretty big breakfast, then lunch, and i was walking past a bbq, and they were like, "you want free food" and i'm like "sure" so free sausage (: hardly ate any dinner. if i didn't have the sausage, i would have totes lined up for a 4th one.

i used to like ice blocks better. but now, i think i like ice cream more, you can do so much with ice cream. my fav ice cream so far, is still aria's apple ice cream. professionally made stuff taste so good in terms of flavour and texture, and the pretty quenelle just makes it (:
i think haagen dazs is pretty nice, it's quite big in hk, but i think there are none in aus. also, now i really want to try movenpick's creme brulee.

and i'm a big fan of chasing flavours at supermarkets, especially if they're on sale.  my mum got the new magnum champagne ice blocks (they're actually ice cream..), and since better told me sara lee had cookies and cream, my mum also got that for me, as well as rum and raisin, and some butterscotch flavour which i haven't tried before. the normal cookies and cream was also on special, so she also got a tub of that. we legit have more ice cream now than in summer. i hardly had any ice cream in aus in summer (probs cause i was away for most of it). having an ice cream maker would be cool, make your own unique flavours. home made stuff is much more smoother than commercial stuff (it also melts faster as well...)

it was full sunny this morning. then on the bus on the m2, it started pouring, then walking down the main walkway it was sprinkling a bit, then pouring in the middle of the day, then sunny in the arvo. so i brought my umbrella back home for nothing, should have left it in the locker, but i was busy running down to catch the bus to central for free ice cream!

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