Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1st boost of the year

as the title suggests, i had my first boost this year, since they had a $3 medium special on the "grape escape" which is a new drink starting today. MY FIRST PAID BOOST IN OVER A YEAR! last year i had about 6 consecutive free boosts, i have a tally somewhere...
but the new drink is the healthiest boost one i've had so far. normal juices/smoothies, they had some of their premade juices, which you can buy at stores like costco, and they're normally apple juice so it's naturally sweet, but this one i had today included: grapes, pineapple, banana, spinach, coconut water. YOU COULD ACTUALLY TASTE ALL THE COMPONENTS, and when together was weirdly nice. normal vegetable/fruit juices i don't like except for that veg2go something brand, and boost. and some relatives in hk are really into coconut water, and trying to buy in bulk crates of coconut water and import/buy from america directly to hk. send me some! stupid aus customs, actually i take that back. if we didn't have customs, aus won't be the same...

ALSO BOUGHT A PAIR OF SHOES TODAY. so i said i wouldn't buy clothes until my clothing, unless it was cheaper than hk/unless is was mandatory like my lab coat, but i don't think i said shoes. my mum was at myer yday and said there were some nice discounted shoes, so i went with her and i got these super comfy wedges which were reduced and the further 50%, which didn't feel like "cheap" (well for obvious reasons since this one was branded compared to the wedges my aunt gave me which are fashionable, but not always the comfiest/last long. OH, another side not, i'm so devo, my aunt gave my around 20 denim jackets of all sorts of colours/shapes/designs, so obviously i couldn't bring them all back since denim weighs a ton...i picked about ten and separated them, but i cannot find that bag ever since i came back from hk! where did it go!? i hope it didn't get mixed with the "i do not want/fit clothes" i sorted out, which might mean they're at my grandmas place...stashed with other bags of clothes that my grandma has collated, which means i will never find again since it took 10 people 7 hours to clean and clear half her room of clothes....i wanted to wear a denim jacket today, but realised the ones i wanted i couldn't find..=/

ALSO, i realised i don't have enough "uni" clothes. i actually didn't buy a lot into my suitcase. like my definition of uni clothes is that it has to be comfy, not too nice so you won't mind if someone else wrecks it-like seriously, people always around you, someone will bump/wreck your nice pastel/white clothes. so yeah, a lot of my tops are white and i'm scared people will get it dirty/i'll accidently get it dirty, and if i wear a nicer top and it gets destroyed at uni, then i'll be ): so i figured if i have money, i need "nice but i am willing/accepting that if the clothes get destroyed, i'll be ok" clothes). the dresses there didn't have a further half price, so not worth buying.

wow, long rant. anyways, so apparently 20 000more people turned up to the easter show this year. doesn't feel like it since it wasn't school holidays, and whenever they show the easter show on tv, it look pretty empty. and almost 97 000 fairy floss sold. that just realised, if they sold it for 4 bucks each, they made $388000 JUST on fairy floss :O


  1. Haha, this year, I had my first Boost ever. And lol, spinach? Not sure if I'd want to taste the spinach, haha.

    Haha, I realised I didn't actually buy that many uni clothes in HK because skirts/dresses aren't that practical sometimes. And I have all these dresses which I probably won't wear, because they're too formal [but so pretty].

  2. I tried that boost too and I was skeptical about the spinach but I knew you wouldn't be able to taste it anyway haha

    It was actually pretty good though, might buy it again xD