Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Eisteddfod

i am going to slowly back track my week, if i have time. i still feel screwed for algebra. and also vectors. i don't get them! and now i'm getting less questions in calculus....
and dandelion, teach me chem sometime! i still don't get those pi and sigma bonds even after reading through slides/other stuff/writing notes. i seem i be guessing my way with hybridisation, don't know what the full working out is supposed to be...

anyways, first eisteddfod of the year, haven't done them since primary school. urgh, someone bumped/i bumped into them centre stage, how embarrassing, luckily it was a small eisted, so no one filmed it on camera.

our dance was very short, and i didn't like our costumes, usually dance costumes are =D but this one was =/ the other dance from our dance school got highly commended, so i guess better than nothing.

i feel like i'm going to fail 1st year. so confused. it's actually my brain doesn't think quickly/my brain can't "turn".

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