Saturday, April 20, 2013

make your own cake party

i could have gone to a wedding today, but i went to one last week, and i'm still behind in work.

but my mum bought back home this cupcake! usually wedding cupcakes are just nicely piped, or have a layer of royal icing, but this has en edible rose, with fancy lace paper. it was not too overly sweet (:

i love weddings, and as i said, this one started before lunch, and said there would be food after the ceremony. mum said they had heapppppps of food. and so many names listed on the program of people helping out. she said they had a side hall with live streaming of the wedding for those mothers with young bubs. wow, everyone has children now. like i remember back in primary/high school, looking up to those uni peeps, now they're all married, have children, and helping out at their friends' wedding, or those who have still yet to be married. it was pouring today, but down at lidcombe it was nice only sprinkling which i guess is (: better than pouring rain and a fully drenched train. 

sometimes i think, will i ever even be super duper duper close to someone to have a bridesmaid? or will i marry without a bridesmaid (is that even possible..haha) but since i'll never be a flower girl, i'll love to be a bridesmaid. also, invite me to your wedding! like if you don't have enough people on your invite list and you need more people to make the hall fill up/look nicely packed, you can send me an invite and i'll be there :D seriously, i've been to a wedding where the hall was only 3/4 full, and it's just not that nice...

and my niece is so lucky! she had a make your own cake party. you get to have fun and eat! well, i did have quite a few parties when i was a child, but not something like this. then again, most hk people don't have a full oven, they only buy those convection ovens, so i guess baking a cake party was a good idea. oh wait, i had a decorate your own cupcake for my 17th, meh close enough, experience unlocked.

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