Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mars One

the voice is good this year (well i'm following it more this year). ahh, i love delta! i've always loved her as an artist, and her physique and clothes are (: and she's so pretty (: she's skinny and tall, but a healthy skinny (seriously, stick people are sometimes quite weird looking....)
who was that judge who always picked bad songs on a singing comp? oh yeah, natalie form x-factor. she had good people, horrible song choices.

song choices have all been good so far, and yay harrison! still need to do an optus rockcorps post...

lol, 2023, people can go to mars, only catch, it's a one way trip. the artist' impresions in the news look alright, they have plants and stuff in the houses which are like those sci-fi books you'll read. they only pick 24 people out of the entire world (anyone can go, just be fit and between 18-40 yrs), already 10000 people have applied, and there's a $40 application fee to fund the 6 billion cost. if you go, your family gets paid money. oh, it takes just about 7 months to get there, and 7 years of training beforehand. no thanks, i would rather study. (imagine all your life's wasted!) but they are going to film a reality television, and i have a big feeling that it's going to be much more interesting than big brother. if i went, i would be all "yolo" and doing all those "yolo" things before i left earth. those Dutch people are some enthusiastic peeps.

freaking out about next week. so much info. even though with babs they practically told you what half the test is going to contain, there's still so much to remember ): and it's only half the semester. i don't think i'll be competent to study med. too much bio stuff to learn.

and thus, i spent my night watching voice, and hopefully make up that time tomorrow during my 3 hour break since there's no chem lab this week, and also no 3hour babs lab (: and yay thursday. oh damn, just checked weightings. hand in lab reports are worth more than the mid sem. i made up some answers to questions for the one i handed in yesterday :/ ergh, need to make it up in the next ones.

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