Friday, April 5, 2013

Optus Rockcorps

It was so worth it.
freeeeee concert! last of my list. other "shows" on my list completed: 2 musicals, live circus, orchestra. maybe when i'm older, i'll go watch a ballet and Broadway, but not in australia, we don't have that talent america has.

so free items:
- free ticket! now with 4 acts. how will i wake up for my 9am lecture the next morning..? if only they had a green room like uts, so i can sleep at thurs/fri, i'll spend more hours at uni than at home including sleeping time.
-food! i thought they said they didn't provide lunch, but it was a nice selection of turkish bread sandwich/normal sandwich/wraps. also had 2 muesli bars, 3 bottles of water: 1 to drink, 1 to wash hands, 1 to take home, and i had my first ever V. it's not that great, i would rather proper alcohol or just soft drink. it was free, so i just decided to take one.
-t-shirt (:
-ponchos! they cast like 5 bucks at theme worlds, even in hk it was expensive. i kinda ripped mine, but they were massive, so i guess it was hard not to pull on it...
-this cool wristband thing where they scan it, and somehow links to your photos or something they also provided decent gardening clothes and safety goggle, kind of the ones for chem (but these kept sliding off my face), but we had to return those. but i got more free stuff than i thought i would get which is (:

i think i got more than i gave. in the end, we just did about 2.5 hours of hacking plants, moving trees, mulching and planting. i'm a fail garderner. i don't have the skills or strength, so if/when i'm rich and buy a big house, i'll probs hire a gardener. oh, i also like hedges, and those sculpted trees, but that effort=ceebs for me to do...

those jelly water crystal things were good. yay for long sleeve to protect my arms. i have no strength/pain tolerance. so lucky i wasn't scratched/hit/whacked/stung/bitten/bruised etc, but i think i'm going to have a sore back/arms tomorrow...

i didn't know who they were until someone said their name. w/ fitzy and wippa from nova. most of the time i listen to 104.1, and i know bascially all the hosts there from morning to arvo/night to weekends. if nothing good is on, then i go to 106.5, 96.9 is my 3rd choice, but it's usually rare that the 1st two don't have anything i like.

yay (:

they should have more of these. i would defs give up 4 hours for a free ticket. a ticket probs cost about 100bucks, but they won't just give 100bucks to kids. also, more people turned up than expected. i finish at five that day, i bet there would already be a line ): 

went to get my 2nd ever xray, again for my teeth. so my mum was just talking to someone, and she said it cost $2000 after claims for her son to get his wisdom teeth removed-apparently that wisdom teeth was horizontally flat and a professor doctor (well the level high than a surgeon doctor, whatever that is) removed it, and he actually felt no pain after, even though wisdom teeth is like 99% after pain...fingers cross i don't have horizontal growing teeth at the back. I WOULD MUCH RATHER SUFFER THE PAIN OF GROWING WISDOM TEETH, AND USE THE MONEY TO GO TO AMERICA AND DISNEYWORLD AND SHOP!

then i went to the doctor, waited for about 30min, and turns out that the vaccine wasn't compulsory but i had to buy it. but my bro went yday with my mum to get it and it was free for them! ): i think the doctor shouted them a vaccine (lol, this sounds so weird). so my mum didn't tell me i needed money for the vaccine, since it was free for her yday, waited all that time, and turns out i didn't have enough money to buy it. i had enough money for a decent meal, but not enough for the vaccine which my mum really wants me to get, but i don't see the point if it's not compulsory govt related. and i don't have time, since next week is hectic, and i need my arms on the weekend for dance eisteddfod.

rahh. i'm feeling a sense of anger/fustration. pretty sure that even though someone responds to your message, they probs won't do any work on the project. feeling screwed since i have not touched anything vision related for a week. i'm going to get mind blown in vision how do average people from high school become smart at uni? quite a lot of people form comprehensive high schools seem to just get what's happening almost straightaway. it must be this "selective school bubbled and shielded from the real world" feeling. sometimes i wonder what it will be like to have photographic memory...

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