Wednesday, April 24, 2013

): 2nd time round

i was all )))))))))))))))))))))))))))): this morning/day. why?
I HAD THE PERFECT TIMETABLE, well as perfect as an optom student can get, ending at 2pm on 3 days (which theoretically meant i got back home same time as high school). but damnnnnnnn. freaking enrolment TIME AND IS DURING MY CHEMISTRY LAB. I AM FREE EVERY SINGLE OTHER TIME. WHY YOU PUT ENROLMENT DATES DURING MY LAB? AND YOU CAN'T SKIP CHEM LABS. i don't care if it was a lecture or tute. i guess i picked a bad time for my chem lab. next week is going to be horrible. the only good thing today was ending chem lecture about 20mins earlier. and you obviously can't take your laptop out during a lab.

so for the whole day, instead of studying for next week's exams, i devised a few options:

a) pretend i'm sick at 12.30, and use the bathroom excuse, but actually run to my locker, get my laptop, and enrol for sem 2 in hopefully less than 15mins without being suspicious. BUT, that lab that week is a "submit report" lab, and flipping through, it's super lengthy and every minute in the lab counts.

b) skip the lab, in a risk a failing the course.

c) trust a friend, who is willing to enrol for me, give them my password, and ask/beg them to help me enrol at 12.30 on wednesday. it's times like these i wished my mum was super capable of using the internet.

d) ask and trust a friend who doesn't have uni to enrol for me, but they might get confused...

e) finish the lab as quick as i can and bolt to my laptop- almost impossible, since i've only finished the 2 hour chem lab early once, and it was only early by 15min.

for those of you who don't know, people who did less units in the first sem, they get to enrol a day earlier. damnnnnnn, so by the 8th, all the good classes will be taken. and once enrolments open at 12.30, definitely all the good ones are gone. everyone wants earlier labs/tutes. and for most labs/tutes, they are only once per week, so good you basically have a good timetable if you get the earlier ones.
last time, one night after main rounds, all the good classes were gone. this time, after one hour, all the good classes will be gone.

f) hope that all the bad times left will clash with all my lectures, so then they can add another spot for me (they did that for sem 1 since they over enrolled people/accepted more people than expected, but all the classes enrolled were already full, so bascially those people couldn't enrol even if they made it into the course, and the coordinator manually added them into earlier labs.


i was looking forward to sem 2, but now i can't even physically enrol when enrolments open. gg. looks like it's going to be 9-6 almost everyday. gg.

had a topical on aliens today at plus, and then it related back to physics and all that relativity stuff. physics memories =/

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  1. I suggest getting a friend to do it! make sure you tell them exactly what you want them to do, and what to do if classes are already filled (backup timetable), and stuff like that. Maybe check the availabilities just before chem lab

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