Friday, April 19, 2013


whew, i don't remember my week. i kept thinking yesterday was friday.

first of all, i would like to give a shout out to Dandelion. thanks so much for helping me at weird times, greatly appreciated <3 (sorry in advance if i ask you weird questions)

i think i got the easier algebra test today. i was like "please not green again" since i got a green one for calculus and it was harder. i got a blue one today and more than half was in the past papers. the green one was slightly harder, but the people on wed had even harder ones with sketching and dividing polynomials, well stuff that wasn't in past papers.
OHH, and my algebra tute guy is so good. he supplies people with paper and stationary and staples. i brought my own paper today and was excited how i could use the paper i accumulated from those practice maths exams after trials and before hsc, but then disappointed how i had to "waste two pages" and i could have used uni paper, and he gave people who needed paper quite a lot of paper, so i could have used their paper and accumulated more paper from paper not used.

so much work. i'm not sure if i prefer the chem test to be on a wed or thurs. i have my bio mid sem on thurs, so if it is on thurs, then i would have 2 exams on one day, and then run out of chem to go to bio exam. if it is on a wed, i have to run from chem lab which so far has run late except for one lab, and allll the way up 106+ steps, then run to chem test. not sure which one is less stressful, but both are week 8 and very close together. i forgot how to write ionic equations and the like, going to fail chem =/

i'm so angry. (temporarily). i should of snuck into the 3-4pm lab, instead of waiting two hours for the 5-6 lab, then getting stuck in afl traffic. i guess with the 5-6 lab it's more close and personal, but argh, waste of my time. we just write our names down on a piece of paper, i wonder if they ever check whose in which lab. half of my original lab group moved to earlier ones, so i shall do that as well. going to have to wake up early next week and hopefully enrolment site doesn't die... everyone has the same "good" timetable next week, it's only a matter of fact who's computer can do it the quickest after 9am.

also, better is so lucky! if you haven't read bitter's post, i would like to reiterate she got a legit marc jacobs bag rrp1500 for 99% off=$15. cheaper than america. since when did reebonz open? i pass that store everyday and only realised it was there when the people sitting in front of me pointed it out, and then i realised it was right near my bus stop with its white lights.

i wore a short sleeve and a super thin jacket today. it was ok in the morning even though super windy, but at night, not even my fat could protect me. shall start to wear long sleeves/proper jackets.

my to do list is the same every weekend, but it also increases every weekend as well.

was originally going to a wedding tomorrow, but too much work. also, i found the website where you can get free tickets to x-factor/aus got talent etc audition shows, but x-factor is on next wed, and i am not going to miss out on uni to have a chance going on tv. like today, i didn't bother walking to main entrance to get a free sausage since i was at the library, so i would be walking for 25min total, and probs had to wait 10min+, so it would've been a 30+min waste of useful algebra study time.

time>free stuff.

but i finally managed to get a free soft serve cone from hungry jacks, and then the day after as well. that's different, i had time a few minutes spare before my bus came. all i'm saying is that even though there's heaps of free food, i don't have time for it. like next tues night, free pizza for optom, then the following tues night, another optom free pizza thing. tbh, i feel really unhealthy eating pizza so often, and also i have to wait over an hour for those events to start, so i would rather study then wait to have pizza. i don't crave pizza hut pizza, so it's all good. (but food at wedding ceremonies are delicious finger foods, and yes, i will be sad missing out tomorrow).

also, (ahh, long post), my dad went to perth last week and he went to Rockpool. AND NOW I WANT TO GO. it's a two hat restaurant and a quick google search told me neil perry owns it. he had a $60 steak, and it was a 1kg steak, it was just a few hundred grams, and the cow was 1 year old (aww, poor young cow), but he said it tasted good (i can imagine). i want to go again to a restaurant with small portions and pricey but good food (again, i don't think i'll go to one unless i actually pay for it, or a relo shouts me since it's kind of a waste of money when you're "still young" and have the rest your life to have delicious food) i still want to go chef's gallery. EVERY SINGLE DAY PEOPLE LINING UP BEFORE DOORS OPEN. and you see the waiters getting a pep talk, like you see on masterchef before service. i still think it's cool how you can watch the chef's cook for free. like for aria, from memory, if you want a room with a glass panel to see how their chef;s cook, it's like an extra 200bucks. not worth it.

oh, i probably hypocrited myself, but it makes sense in my head.

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