Saturday, April 27, 2013

i'm kind of kicking myself right now. why did i join troupe this year? all the eisteddfods are always the weekend before an exam, and mid year concert is during sem 1 finals, and end of year concert is beginning of sem 2 finals. too many eisteddfods throughout the year, taking out my study time. but if i didn't join this year, then i would never, even have the chance to join...

computer related maths tasks are so horrendous. so tedious, yet so, so, so easy to get wrong, even a simple bracket messes things up.

parents' costco membership ends this month. there's actually nothing to buy. so in one year, i only went once. told them not to renew it.

so screwed. i thought i knew chem stuff, but turns out i didn't. will put more effort into it.
and babs, i have been reading my notes since mid-sem break. it still doesn't sink in. usually rewriting it helps me remember it, but not for bio. thank goodness i didn't do it for hsc.

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