Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunrise Meet and Greet

yes! finally i got a photo. could have taken one with nat and mel, but ceebs. mark didn't come out today, but he came out a few weeks ago.

i'm pretty sure they don't some out everyday. and just luckily today, i missed an earlier bus, then realised all three were outside, so perfect opportunity for photo and getting their autographs (: they had a whole stack of cards with their photos on it. obviously grant denyer wasn't there (his job is so cool, going to random places and having fun). the amount of foundation kochie has is pretty funny.

another thing ticked off my random things to do mental list (which was quicker than i thought it would be). maybe it's because of school holidays? idk, there were only 20ish people. now to go on tv again. except it's quite hard, since there is a narrow window between my bus arriving then waiting outside the studio then another bus to uni. and then even when i wait outside, they usually have news/sports update, or show a story, and only if they are at the desk, they hardly put the angle to the window. they only do that if they have guest speakers, which is usually when i'm already on my way to uni, but today was my late start (i still go uni an hour before since there are faster buses) so all is good.

the only "famous" person i have "met" and by met i mean photo, autograph and saying hi, how are you, is probably jennifer hawkins. even at aus open, when you see someone famous, they most likely won't ask you how are you (well i don't think they did since there were so many people) 

so scared about next wednesday. titration before chem exam, and last time my titration went over by 15mins, so i was 20+mins late to lecture. I CAN'T BE LATE FOR MY EXAM and i still have to trek 106+steps. ahh, what to do? fudge results? not really, since last time people around you got different solutions to titrate with, so you actually have to do it, and they checked your calc in lab....i'll just have to titrate madly (which is technically not possible)

also, three exams in one week for finals. the thing i'm most worried about are those 8:45am starts, which means i have to leave the house at 6.30 at the latest. vision is my most important subject, but i seem to have put the least amount of effort into it, probs cause i don't get it and wait till tutes for answers/try to understand things more.

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