Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dandelion's Dinner

Thanks so much (:

It was so good seeing and talking to people! I feel deprived of meeting up with people, if that's makes sense, like if I do want to meet with someone, then also at the back of my head I'm like "I should be studying" but at birthday's (and events where there are free stuff) I don't have that feeling so it's all good (: so nice having Italian food, since I haven't had it in ages...

So I somehow managed to have wowcow beforehand, and it's probs the first time I've gone out to have dessert before going out for dinner.

I had pistachio, lychee and watermelon, and they allowed me to get a kids size ( I dislike those places which don't allow you to have kids sizes because you're not a kid...) and they allowed me to have three flavours without getting a bigger size (also dislike those places where you have to buy a large size to get 3 flavours, which is why I love self serve places. Don't really like wowcow, texture is very thick and yogurty, even more than moochi. The pistachio wasn't very nutty, it tasted a bit like chocolate, and watermelon was subtle, lychee wasn't that sweet (I was expecting more flavour) and the spoon, it was a wooden spoon so when you eat it, the wood kind of scratches against your lip, so not a pleasant experience. If I go to wowcow next time, it will be the next time someone had a dinner there and if there is apple pie flavour. I go to parra less than 10 times a year...

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