Friday, October 12, 2012

Mod B

i think i have actually developed an appreciation of my text, which is part of the point for the module.
i actually love my mod b text, well, it's the best text i've read in English.

so, it didn't take me long to re-memorise the essay, since most of it just came flowing through.

my text dates back to 2000 HSC papers, and the 2004 question was such a troll: "Use two extracts" WHAT, ONLY TWO EXTRACTS! THAT DEFECTS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF TEXTUAL INTEGRITY WHERE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DEAL WITH THE TEXT AS A WHOLE.

they've asked about the main protagonist two times in 2000, and 2006, so the pattern is every six years, which seems like this year they'll be focusing on Patrick again, but i only have one para on him =/ so i guess i'll have to tweak it like i did with trials as trials also asked about patrick w/ a passage that we had to use. mod b turned out better than my other essays in trials, so maybe making stuff up under pressure helped...except i can't afford to do that in the hsc....

please don't ask about: random dodgy characters, "intense" relationships (which is like a major thematic concern, but i avoided it since i think it's too common, but ahhh if they asked it like in 2007), don't ask about the middle of the novel ie section 2.

i super duper hate one of my mod a text. i read the first two chapters then it got so boring that i skimmed through the rest. thus, i still can't fully memorise my mod a essay ))))))):

i just hate the idea of they can ask you literally anything from your text. ANYTHING.

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