Thursday, October 18, 2012

happy birthday joel. (sucks to be sick on you bday)

for once, no cake, but long story...will explain later...

bought cirque de soleil tickets! ahh, so expensive, i feel bad for using so much money, i'll probs repay them a bit later...
i watched their documentary earlier in the year, and 1 costume cost at least $1000, so i can understand their prices.

and ahhh, i swear there is a secret military government mission going on. today i saw/heard at least 6 helicopters, and they're worse than planes as they're lower, and you can hear them from afar and their very loud. i'm pretty sure 2 of them were police helicopters. why can't you find another route away from my house!!!

day before paper 2 i couldn't sleep because:
1. helicopters going past my house at 11pm for over 30min
2. brother insanely coughing
3. dog barking
4. blankets too thick

literally not making eye contact/keeping a "10 metre radius" from my brother. i wonder how he will survive the hsc if he keeps on getting sick ever so easily...


  1. Tell him to get a flu shot before hsc :)

  2. I got a flu shot in april and got the flu in october :( perhaps this whole "HSC = lowered immune system" thing is true