Sunday, October 21, 2012


oh wow, i'm living in a whole.
apparently there's yogurberry at cherrybrook shops!!!'s not an actually store, but a cafe bought one of those yogurberry machines w/ the cups, serviettes, plastic bags etc, and since it's new, they had a 50% off, and my mum bought me some (: except, it wasn't made properly, since it was runnier than usual and not as flavourful...probs because it was cheaper and heaps of people, so they ceebs waiting for the right amount of time to serve people, it's not self serve and they sell in sizes not by grams and only 4 basic flavours, but if i have a froyo craving, there is one close by!!!

i have to use my cheap kilometrico tomorrow, since i've been doing my maths with it for a month. it gives me the right amount of friction to think through my working. it seems to be a trend that the last question is a crazy differentiation, well just tedious.
must be ever so careful tomorrow!

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    froyoooooooooooooo near me ?!?!?!?!?!??