Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mathematics Extension

well, it definitely wasn't as hard as last year's and the year's before.
READING TIME IS SO DECEPTIVE. flipping through, the test looked do-able and ok without the horrible binomial proofs, but arghh, doing it is definitely a different story. exactly like paper 2.

ice cream is comfort food.

just saw the solutions.
lost at least 15 marks, going to get an e2 ))): since everyone said it was heaps "easy"
I NEED SYMPATHY/WORKING OUT MARKS! working for some of my questions was so messy, hope they don't deduct marks.
(plsdntlaughwhenidntgetthetopband, i've always been bad at maths) this test is/was just as disheartening feeling as chem, the want-to-cry-but-need-to-pick-yourself-up-and-remember-it's-not-the-end-of-the-world-feeling. and that feeling when you figure it what you did wrong after the exam but can't change it... ))):

i mean, i did study for this test, except there is a limit to how much my brain can work and solve maths problems...i think i've blogged about this before.

i only know (well my teacher said) that chemistry scales up since raw marks are 60-70 which end up as band 6. for other subjects, i just think it's raw marks they take into account, so for today, defs looking at e2. and then i think i'm going to pull the grade down since it's the lowest mark they care about or something like that.

now i don't think any of my units will count apart from last year's, which means i have no atar (well no atar above scholarship thresholds) which means, idk, figure what to do after hsc....

oh, i think it's stupid how they get school teachers to check calculators. wouldn't the teachers want the school to benefit and let students use "non-approved" calculators??
and i still think hsc markers are savage markers who try to take marks off you.

and at least i know i'm not smart, and so do my parents, so there's no pressure there, but it's just disappointing when you don't get it in the exam, but after.

watched the video about ipad mini, usually apple products make me happier, but ipad mini isn't actually that exciting, just cheaper and smaller-that's about it. but the new imac's are so thin, and now they have 13inch in retina display...if only i bought my laptop 2 years later (actually no, i'm still glad i got it beginning of yr 11 since i hate wasting time esp on slow laptops...) and they're now not that expensive, compared to two years ago.

(if you made sense of this post, then well done)

i actually must hardcore study for ext/phys/jap.


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  1. Even if people from our school says it's easy, it'll still be hard for a lot of the state

    Also, ext1 gets 'moderated' up by the BoS before you get your final HSC mark, so you'll still probably end up with an E4: