Friday, October 5, 2012

eye is not infected! so glad i wouldn't have to undergo eye surgery etc,  right before HSC. just as i predicted, it was an eyelash...
need to get my own medicare card after hsc when i have time...

i can't study. nothing seems to be going into my head. maybe it's the english essays freaking me out and how they have a new panel of markers, which would most likely mean super weird questions and then i would mine blank in the test and then get a "bogan" mark and thus atar won't get me anywhere since english counts. phys doesn't seem to be sticking into my head ):

everyone seems to be talking about dreams so yesterday night i had a belonging-related dream =/ that feeling of alienation and disconnection from place. it was actually quite sad. ok, i'm kind of laughing while typing this...

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  1. Yay! Good to hear your eye isn't infected.

    It's okay - I have studied a minimal amount. And you'd be like 'That's okay because you're smart'. Which isn't applicable since all my maths/phys/chem skills have gotten significantly worse. And I'm not doing anything to improve it. Don't want to work! T_T

    Belonging is everywhere!