Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Brain Food

food which i have ate in the past 3 weeks. the healthier type of junk food/food to help you remember stuff (highly doubt it...)

walnuts, almonds, pistachios, lindt dark chocolate (finished a whole thin block by myself already), blueberries, avocados, apples, grapes, oranges, milk, cream cheese (not the cooking type, the actual cheese on biscuits type), beetroot crackers, yogurt, dried and crunchy oats, fish oils, breadsticks, green tea buns w/ red bean paste, sesame ice cream

consistently eat at least four of the above each day.

my hsc care package is enough to make me super fat. so i have kind of avoided it until hopefully after hsc/after formal. then there is all this other junk food...

got my formal invite today (:

also, i was thinking when the "good luck" for hsc video was going to come out, and it came out today. it's exactly the same as last year's apart from the dates...

i hope i don't end up like the guy in my chem class last year. i remember i was driving to school, and in my rear view mirror i saw the guy holding up his belonging essay/creative to read whislt waiting for the traffic lights. i don't know if having paper 1 in the arvo is a good thing or not...but at least we have a day between the two papers unlike last year.

just did the 2U ruse paper. oh wow, it's actually easy, easier than our trial (well that's cos i did bad in it), and defs easier than hsc. i've avoided ruse trials since they're usually harder than hsc and i was going to "save them up" until closer to the date...the mc that paper was surprisingly easier than what i thought they would have.

you know, the 2u 2011 paper was relatively easy, which meant that the 3u 2011 paper was relatively hard (twas super hard for me when i did it two months ago...)

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