Saturday, October 20, 2012

exam cake

in the middle of exams encouragement cake: gingerbread and cinnamon moose cake

lol jks
it's my brother and dad's combined birthday cake, i just removed th plaque as you cn see from the line...
we were going to get it on thurs, but my dad was supposed to go on a business trip thurs and fri, so my mum changed the cake to today, and then he called in the arvo to say he wouldn't go and by then it was too awkward to change back, so cake today (:
sucks to be my dad, bday next week while on business trip.

i swear, there is actually a secret government thing going on, like in those spy movies. heard/ say at least 10 helicopters today and yesterday.

exerting a "10km radius" ie, brother only allowed home after 4pm. his coughing is more annoying than the dog barking.

i feeling like i don't know anything, even though i've been doing maths every single day for the past 4+ weeks.

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