Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Paper 2

During reading time, i was actually slightly smiling to myself, because they didn't specify a scene/character/extract for mod b, and i thought, hey, this might be a do-able paper...

but then.

idk. when we could write, i just couldn't write, as in my hand wouldn't write fast. so then my time management was all over the place. and then as i delved in, rahhhh
the questions all take up at least two lines, so now i'm doubting myself that i've answered every single part...
and i don't think i made sense in my essays
and then i mental blanked on the year my mod b text was written, and i just checked, i was 17 years off, dayumm
it's kind of like chem again. do ok in school assessments, but then hsc mark is going to drag me down. i actually felt confident this time, but then under exam conditions, everything changes.

my writing speed was much slower today. must be all that practice yesterday....

i guess last year mod b would have been more of a shocker since that was the 1st time they did extracts, but this year, ahhh, so many parts in the question...and then English is soooo subjective, as in the markers maybe looking for something you don't have, then your marks go down, so you never really can tell the quality of your essay, unless you always get full marks.

and the tallest girl in our grade kept writing was 3minutes, AND THE SUPERVISOR WAS WRITE NEXT TO HER AND SHE KEPT ON WIRITING AND THEY DIDN'T NOTICE HER. yeah, even though i forgot some parts of mod c, you don't see me writing after pens down....

despite all this, i think i'm going to miss English.

eng ext is completely different to adv. i haven't touched that for 3 weeks now, i'll touch on that after maths.

yay (2U) maths!


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