Friday, October 26, 2012

Paper Cut

i actually heard i slicing sound this time, thus there was blood. and then i remembered Happy Apple's post about paper cuts, so i washed it, and as much as i hate using bandaids, i used one. oh, and the cut is on my right index finger where i need to grip the pen, so this sucks. hopefully it heals in three days. and my bro has been sick for a full two weeks already. i think he won't even get better until after my hsc. no joke. i'm 80% sure.

reading so many articles about apple ipad mini vs everything else. oh, and i watched apple's "launch video" for the iphone 5. they make everyone seem like superstars/highly valued customers. but i legit need a new phone. sometimes receiving messages 12 hours later than when the person sent it.

bomb used to scale better than the other electives since it was the "newer and harder" one, but now i don't think so anymore, since it's become quite popular (yet there's still hardly any resources around)

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