Thursday, October 4, 2012

argh, boost challenge was totally do-able today, except my hula hoop is from kindy, and even in yr 6 it was small for me, and thus now ofc it's un hula hoopable since it's so small.

why aren't the essays/physics going into my head? i don't know if i can work in study groups, since i'll be asking people for help, and then it's selfish if i can't help them and i waste their time...
fingers crossed the hsc marker who reads my story likes it. i actually want someone to read it, except not a soft copy since there's always the risk of "people copying" etcetc
my hardest english task apart from mod b, is adapting my creative for ext. if you think they try to throw people off in adv by putting in a super weird question, then in ext they will blast you. hopehopehope i can adapt easily and they don't ask for a character/setting from set text...

my bro should go to sleepovers more often. actually, he should go for the next month. 

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