Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Neighbours

it's been (i think) exactly two months since the next door's house was empty (which meant the owners lost two months profit)

so the new people are from brisbane, two guy twins who are approx same age as my bro, and an 8 year old girl. they had two trucks move stuff for about 2.5 hours and i think they moved from a big house to a small house since they have a lot of outdoor tables/chairs/patio heaters/big bbq's etc.

not stalking them, they just talk loud.

i think they're new zealanders. idk. they're not white/asian/curry/middle eastern/french/italian/spanish like my right door neighbours, and they still speak english even when the parents are talking with each other. ofc, there are many other nationalities out there...but the guy kids seem kind of "bogan" or like the "try to be cool" kids.

i was hoping no one would move in until after the hsc, i was enjoying the peacefulness. and they have surround sound speakers. oh, they also have foxtel cause i saw a foxtel guy come in to instal it for them. but their tv is small =/

so three kids=more noise. you can totes tell they aren't the study type. i mean, people who move interstate is usually because of the father's job, and not for three kids schooling education. i think they probs won't even enrol at a school until the end of the year...

yeah, i need to do a post about kids these days.

i think i may have cried in my sleep during the night. idk. maybe i dreamt about my e2 maths mark and how i bombed out on it. i just remember my contacts felt weird and so i just took them off in the middle of the night. or maybe it's because i didn't wash them properly so they made my eyes water.

argh. can't memorise my essay. for ext, they tell you 10x more not to memorise your essays. since you're supposed to have a conceptual understanding, but i have to memorise. thus, if they chuck in a specific specific thing, well i'm screwed. esp for creative writing if they specify a particular setting or character or first person, because i have to have my setting and write in third person for my story to work.

and my computer clock just moved back an hour, awks, first time that's ever happened....oh, did i mention, the new imac coming out later this year is so sexy, it's soooo thin for a desktop. but i think i've followed in my dad's footsteps and dislike desktops.

now i hear thumping from next door ):

i think i'm going to plan going to disneyland when the results come out, and stay at the hotel overnight when atars come out, then spend a second day there to cheer myself up. i've already been to the hk one twice, and this year will be the 3rd time we'll go to disneyland without my dad since he arrives later than we do...

damn, wasn't supposed to spend so long ranting...

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