Tuesday, October 16, 2012

day between English

i've thought/read at least 50 questions for each module, but i bet that none of the questions i read will be similar to tmr, because it's BOS.

AND ADRIANO ZUMBO HAS HIS OWN MACARON/CAKE MIS COLLECTION AT WOOLIES! that made my lunch time while flipping through the catalogue.

if you haven't realised already, our mod c speech was the 05 question. for mod c H and M (and then i think about H&M in hk which everyone says it's really good), they used two related since 01-06, maybe this year they might start the trend again. and from 01-04, they were not essays but "write a speech, conversation etc"

and reading more news articles to help me with expression for tmr, and how head teachers were saying "Yday paper was a hard paper." but that was from comprehensive high schools, but apparently this year's paper would be a better differentiator compared to the other years. i don't know if that's meant to be a comfort for me or not.

i think 6 essays is enough practice-don't want to kill my hand before tmr =/

but paper 2!!!
i can't fully memorise my essays, it's good in a way so when i can't think of what's next, I'LL WILL ANSWER THE FRICKEN QUESTION.

excited to see what weird and unique questions they're going to hurl at us.

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