Monday, October 15, 2012


it's not even in the rubric. but i guess the bos had to do something different. i mean we are the 4th year to talk about BELONGING.

yeah, wasn't that stressed until i came to school and everyone was full panicking etc.

rahhh, guy behind me kept on continuously coughing. hope i don't get sick....

oh, was reading the news about how people teach people to cheat on bored of studies. so i thought really? people putting notes in their underwear and going to the toilet to read them?
and then at the end of the exam, i turned around, and i won't use any names, but the tallest girl in our grade kept on writing and writing and writing for about 8 minutes after it was pens down. i just thought-what should i do? should i tell on her? she was sitting near her friends who also knew she was writing, except they didn't tell...i just kept silent because a) she and other people would hate me for life (not that i talk to her) and b) maybe she might get a state rank/ pull the grade up.
but really? cheating is not the answer.

hopefully i answered the question =/ and it said use it as a central element, i wonder if they can pick it from the subtlety =/

so many cars at the back today. same with ctech, heaps and heaps of parents waiting to pick up their children. there were hardly any parents picking up kids during trials.

tbh, i was kind of excited about the bleonging paper, see what they could chuck at us. i'm also excited about mod b to see how specific they would get this year (even though i don't like how mod b essays are written)

my brain hurts, not my hand.



  1. sorry, I was the guy coughing :(

    I'm trying to get better as fast as I can!

    1. oh, no you weren't the guy! it was the guy sitting directly behind me...

  2. Time was the rubric point which was "analyse how attitudes towards belonging change over time". Such a tiny point.

  3. Ah... those dilemmas.

    I agree that she shouldn't be cheating. Really, she should just accept that she didn't prepare enough and do the test fairly [well, as fair as it can possibly get]. I hate it when people do stuff like that.

    Since I'm reading this, I would have said I'd tell on her. But in reality, if that happened to me, I probably wouldn't have done anything.
    But really, I'm kind of annoyed of her cheating/mark-scabbing ways.

  4. Lol, I thought you were talking about me for a second and I was like "BUT I FINISHED TEN MINUTES EARLY :'("

    And yeah, idk about the central material thing either :/