Saturday, October 13, 2012

Therapeutic Blogging

i've been telling myself not to blog because of hsc, but i just can't!
i feel the need to tell people about my thoughts or else i'll just focus on them and won't be able to focus on studying.

it's the same with food. if i'm craving/feel like a piece of junk food etc, then i have to eat it, or else i'll just keep thinking about that piece of food and not focusing on studying. (then i worry about being fat and all that stuff later, but i would much rather have my food-cravings satisfied. anyways, i have a week to starve myself before formal...)

my parents are like "i've heard gangnam style so many times on the radio that i could sing with it" facepalm.
out of all the songs, they remember this one. well, i guess it's easier to remember since it only has six english words. but my mum and i still don't get what's so great about it.

i was reading the news to "relax" and saw a pic of ian thorpe and part of his home. ahhhh, his swimming pool is part of a lake in switzerland- how cool! and their lakes over their are actually picturesque clean lakes, unlike our green/brown lakes...

and look: (so. much, competition. state rankers are truly amazing )

monday wednesday
monday wednesday
tuesday friday

i don't remember the dates apart from starting on 15th and ending on 5th. i just remember the days.
i HAVE to get 9 hours of sleep. studying is draining...well i've been getting 9 hours for the past 3 weeks. i'm just scared that i will turn up late for the exam =/

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  1. "Dead Languages" - wow, they didn't even try to not sound condescending. Also, latin is both the most stressful and least stressful subject ever, because if you don't know your stuff and you're in the exam, you have no way of working out what the answer is so you just have to sit there and panic