Monday, October 8, 2012

life lesson learnt!

I FINALLY FINISHED THE PAST PAPER BOOKS FOR MATHS! 40 papers. thought i would never finish. now i can start doing 2012 trial papers, but i have to go back and re-do all the hard questions since i didn't do them properly.

yay, wedding after schoolies!

goodbye any hope for medicine. even jcu. forgot to do something in the application process which was ever so critical. gg. all that effort is wasted ))): all that time... no point getting disheartened for it now. need to have a positive attitude for exams so i can hopefully do them with confidence, unlike the other exams i have done.
i guess the only positive thing is that i can focus on having fun overseas. post-grad med is the only way to go for me if i still really want to do med 3/4 years time...

time to study

edit: i feel the need to say more...
now that i think about it, i think all the other forms i sent through post got lost in the mail.
LIFE LESSON LEARNT. use registered mail for important things. i guess taking an "optimistic approach", at least i came across this experience now so in the future when i'm dealing with "high class stuff" i'll know what to do. (or tell my children what to do, since no one at home can remind/help me with such things)

also, thanks tess for going through creative! criticism is very good for creatives. and Happy Apple-wow!!! so diligent with doing all the english past papers and sciences + maths. i remember my chem tutor last year saying how she did 60 past papers for chem alone. oh wow, how do people find all this time??? i guess some people are just too smart/good/hard working.

will do a post about past papers sometime...


  1. so hardworking! that's like 120 hours of past papers. hopefully you do well because of this.

  2. 40 maths papers is about as much work I've put in for all my subjects together! That's really amazing!

  3. Don't worry about the JCU thing! They're not going to ignore your application because you didn't send them the envelope. Or if they do then I'm in trouble too, haha.