Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ocular Therapy Clinical Skills and Lindt Cafe Take 4/5

guys, i don't get out of my way just to get free stuff. i was going to past it/come close to it anways, so i went again.

this time on george st, the person asked for my name, maybe to make sure i won't go back. at george st lindt cafe, you get a free lindor for every hot beverage purchase, but my coffee was free and i still got one (:

no layers.

i didn't specify dark or hazulnut or whatever mocha, just mocha, but this one didn't have as much dark choc. again, each barista has a different touch, so i guess there isn't any "quality control" over their coffee. this didn't have froth by itself and choc sprinkled on top, but hey incorporated colour into it. it's pretty in it's own way. saw a person eat the dome cake (at 11 in the morning...). i don't get the logic behind it. you pour hot chocolate onto a hard choc case to melt it just to get to the ice cream. like if it was tempered choc it would taste different, but using chocolate to melt other chocolate...?

purple snail

main part of the day. went to uni to help out this post grad clinical skills day since they needed eyes to test on, so i basically opened my eyes for four hours and getting stuff shoved. ok, it wasn't that bad, it was actually pretty cool to get paid to sit and open you eyes and to also eat. it was pretty good pay, i'd say about double the average of what my friends earn per hour (: too bad it was only for a day. should've gone to the lecture in the morning, apparently it was easier to understand than our super disorganised visn1101. ocular therapeutics is a post grad one year course, you don't have to do it, but as a practicing optometrist, a lot of people do to learn more skills/do more stuff in your practice. 

some people i talked to had their own practice for over 13 years. some were about 50-ish, and there were more females as well, i guess the trend still continues. learnt some stuff as well. also, i have a lot of iris processes (no idea what is was), which occurs in about 30% of the population, and may be cause by trauma to the eyes. well i don't remember anyone bashing my eyes, nor any family history. i have a deep field of view, which is pretty good, but then i have inward growing eyelashes, so it was in the way of people checking for gonio. they put these mirrors on your eyes to see different angles of the lens inside your eye. some people were so steady, but there were other optometrists who were so shaky =/ must learn to be steady.

stuff is so expensive. i heard them say stuff like a pair of tweezers they bought were around $150. then they talked about the metal stick which they use to flip your eyelid fully. that must be like 300, even though it's literally a metal stick only about 5cm long. they're both not electronic! can't imagine how much other stuff like lenses/hand held eectronics/big machines would cost.

eyes felt so tired after, one of the test they did was trying to get oil out of our eyes. i was put in that station twice, and the latter group found it difficult, most likely because all my oil was already drained out. at the end of the day, the supervisors checked our eyes to see if it wasn't too badly damaged lol.

free lunch!

it was hard to take a nice photo standing up. but the food was so good! about 6 types of gourmet sandwiches, 2 types of quiches, 3 types of sushi, 3 types of skewers, 3 types of bagels (which were slightly hard), spring rolls, fruit and other stuff. the sushi ran out fast ): i couldn't eat a lot since i was so full form the coffee, but i still stuffed myself =/ i already avoided the biscuits etc. also took home a plate of sanwiches since they were going ot chuck it out. so happy (: 

went again to martin place. different day, completely different staff. this time the person didn't even bother to scan my phone. 
this is the mocha macchiato-$5.90. this is what i had last time! they only have this at martin place. last time i asked for a dark choc mocha, but got this and didn't know this was the mocha macchiato. i only saw signs which said "new" but didn't have any names. this is my favourite! better than the dark choc mocha.

not as pretty this time-layers aren't as distinct, and the choc shot at the bottom isn't as high as last time. also the piece of choc on top seems smaller/fell through the froth more. didn't bother scooping out all the chocolate, since i was stil super duper full from lunch.

i was so looking forward to going on a tram to family friend's house. turns out they had track work to start taking off the monorails, do they just had buses ): they didn't even check for tickets, and i remember last time i went on a tram, they made sure everyone paid/had a tickets.

why did we have to go someone's house for dinner? you know one coffee can last me throughout the day of uni without eating. i had two and a massive lunch, and then bbq for dinner which had steak and lamb cutlets! i literally couldn't fit anymore food into myself ): only ate a tad of each thing. the past few days i've only been eating a little bit of meat/dinner to compensate for all that chocolate in drinks, but today just failed. had sparkling red wine today, wow, it's so carbonated, even more than soft drinks =/

gta 5 is pretty cool. you can fly big planes/do sports. watched now you see me, it's pretty good (:

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