Wednesday, September 11, 2013

iPhone 5s

it was as expected. normally the exert an immense control over their products, but this time, people leaked more photos.

usually i'm super excited about a new iphone, but this time, i'm a tad bit disappointed.

so iphone 4,4s and 5 rrp price have been $800 au, but this time 5s is 870, while 5c is $730. that is not cheap at all for a plastic body and an a6 chip (which is what 5 uses). to me, "cheap" is less than 500 for rrp release price. a plastic body reminds me of my iphone 3g. 5c has the exact same specs as iphone 5, so why not buy an iphone 5? because they don't sell 5's anymore, only 4s, 5s, and 5c. if i didn't have a 5, i would have defs spend an extra 130 bucks to get a 5s.  when you go onto their website, you see the 5c before 5s. i guess they would make heaps more money out of the 5c, since the materials used is cheaper, and it's got the same specs as 5, but you're paying $60 less, compared to 800rrp iphone 5, for a cheaper body.

the us has a trade in program, where you pay a tad bit of cash and your 5 for a 5s. in aus we don't have it, but i have to agree with the newspapers, there's actually no difference between the 5 and 5s. only major difference is fingerprint scanning. i thought they would upgrade the camera, since every "s" generation has been upgraded. they've only aded slow mo and burst, but there are apps which can do that. 5s has "true tone" flash, but the iphone camera is naturally good enough, and i haven't taken a photo with flash on before even in dim lighting since there's no need, so "true tone" flash  isn't super useful. the 5c has the same camera features as 5. then again, 8mp is good enough, since i've only had my phone for about 9 months, and i've already used 3.5gb in photos and videos.

iOS7 comes out next week! so for current 5 users, we already have a 5s minus fingerprint scanning. 5 users can use the air drop feature, but 4s users won't have that feature, but everything else. but the radio thing won't be available in aus ): i don't know, iOS7 is super different. all the logos have been de-sophisticated. i guess the camera will have more options, but i hardly use filters. even in instagram, only like half my photos so far have filters.

i guess i bought my phone on a good year, where there was a big change, but the price remained the same. from 4s to 5, even though the camera's the same (well there's added feature of panorama), the actual body itself was a massive difference. the physical appearances for electronics for me is a massive factor for my. from 5 to 5s, they make you pay an extra $70 for fingerprint scanning. they say it's faster, but ofc every iphone has to be faster than the previous one. even though they increase the battery life, i think it would be the same as 5, since logically, scanning a finger will use a tad bit more battery life every time you unlock it. and there's not as much "wow"factor for 5s. siri was a massive wow factor for 4s, despite the body was the same as 4. i don't think many 5 users would change to 5s.

also the gold colour, personally i think gold is for more "older ladies". there's no black anymore, it's called grey, and white is called silver. and i think the ipod touch is better than 5c, since it's made of aluminium, and the shade of colours are nicer.

i'm actually more excited about the new OS X! i'm still on snow leopard, which is from 2009. i bought my laptop in early 2011, but lion didn't come out until mid 2011. then mountain lion came out in mid 2012, but i still haven't upgraded. so i guess i'll wait for Mavericks. i need to upgrade because i still don't have iCloud on my laptop. yep, i bought my mac before they introduced iCloud (and before everyone suddenly bought a mac for uni. but yeah, if you're thinking of getting a newcomputer-buy a Mac! or actually, wait and see what the new MacPro is like).

sorry for a disjointed post. it's just my thoughts all in one (:

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