Thursday, September 5, 2013

Law Revue 2013

i wasn't planning on going at all, but there was a spare ticket, and everyone was going, so i decided to go, despite continuous exams in the coming weeks.

so glad i went! i knew it would be funny, BUT IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! i was surprised i got most of the jokes (usually i'm super slow). and with the election coming up, so many references. the dancing, singing, skits, music were all sooo good! i guess it's nice to see friends up there. saw 2 friends, well not super close friends, and surprised that they danced and sing and acted! also saw two baulko-ers, one ex-school captain and another guy from my grade. i guess you don't have to do law to be in the law revue. also, apparently they didn't do it the night before, but...was scarred from tonight night. story is, they were talking about snap chat, and then this guy just undid his robe, and yeah...quickly turned around. was sitting in the front row, but luckily that guy was on one side of the stage, and then 10 other guys just ran across the stage, fully undressed...i was expecting crude humour but not crude actions...but apart from that it was worth my time (((:

i would love to be in a revue! i just can't sing...but it seems like so much fun! then again, you can telll how much effort they put into it. 6 night a week at uni, each night over 4 hours, for about 3 months. especially during performance week, where you'll definitely get home after 1am, and then uni the next day. like you legit don't even have the energy to study, let alone energy to turn up to tutes/labs (i think they would all skip their lectures). then there are also the hours spent trying to promote it. how do they have the time? then again, law students have close to no contact hours. i mean for me, this week i have about 8 hours of dance (including the drive to cabra and further), so it's already hard for me to fit in study.

i've decided that if i fail a subject, i would make the most of my uni life: participate in a revue, join volunteering things which have meetings that don't clash with my timetable, actively participate in over 2 societies, find a job and work a lot. on the other hand, i also don't want to waste money and fail. 

before, we went to Time for Thai down the road from uni for dinner. so packed, but they had more seating than i thought.
beef pad thai-$12

the last few times i had chicken pad thai, so decided to go for beef. i was disappointed in the serving size: it looked small, and i wasn't fully filled from it. they used bigger sized tofu so it's even less of a serving than it looks. not enough of each ingredient, and the sauce wasn't flavourful enough. i also like the texture of crushed nuts, but there were hardly any. i think this was smaller than Chat Thai. i still think The Seat in Penno is the most worth it, so flavoursome/not over oily/good portions.

fully ran from st james to qvb in less than 3min. i don't usually run fast, but if it's a bus, and the next bus is half an hour late, and after 11pm, well i legged it. so glad we made it, or else would've gotten home at 12.30am. managed to get home before 12, so i guess sleeping time wise, it's ok.

thursdays are good if i go to these type of stuff, since i finish at 6, and the next day i start at 12. 

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