Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lindt Cafe Take 2

thanks Bitter for the link! i have kinda distributed the link to quite a lot of people now...

since i snuck into yday's chem tute, i skipped my 9am tute, and went lindt cafe at Martin Place. my bus stops at martin place so it was super convenient.

dark chocolate mocha

Bitter had it before, so i decided to try it. it's soooo good! not your average mocha! look at those layers! i shoul've also take a pick from the other side, but i wanted to show the "melting" effect. not sure how much this is, couldn't find it on their menu. on the take away list it's $5.70. i love these glasses! not hot too touch, an keeps the inside hot. this glass was made in swiss. aldi sold these a while back, but i didn't buy them since i don't have a coffee machine. this mocha didn't have much coffee in it, very subtle, but i can't complain since if you're at a chocolate cafe, you'd want more chocolate, and they only allowed coffee not hot choc. since it's dark chocolate and coffee, it wasn't sweet at all, and you could taste the authenticity of the chocolate, which is highlighted through the coffee. there are chocolate bits which you could see in your glass, but they melted in your mouth instantly. foam was nice, and the chocolate sauce on the side was chocolate and not sugary syrupy chocolate that you'd find at normal coffee/cafe places. my favourite mocha yet (:

tagged along with Bitter and Better to the "fashion show" at the galeries. let's be honest, i was more in for the free stuff. i do love my fashion, but that's a hundred times more expensive than food. also, i won't be able to pull off more than half the stuff because of my height. i actually have a variety of clothes at home, from normal, to crazy patters, floral, lace, bold stripes and even fob. most of the time i just stick with my normal t-shirt and pants, since uni=moving everywhere + labs and you need to be comfy/don't want nice to dirty. maybe i should actually start wearing some prints which i have but don't wear. 

i think my most expensive shirt was about $40au, which i bought in hk, but i really loved it. btw, everytime i buy normal clothes it's on special/less then 20 bucks. in aus, average shirts you buy at higher end places, which are not "branded" but just higher up one average prices are pretty expensive. places which sell plain singlets for $20, they have nice stuff, but you pick up anything it's most like 3 digits. and then branded stuff, it's 4 digits, and my income is 0 digits. even if i did have an income, fashion is something way too hard to follow, compared with food.

free champagne. 

i know that's not how you hold it, and i'm pretty sure it's fake champagne, ie sparkling wine. there is a major difference which some of my uncles are so passionate about and were willing to explain the concept over dinner back in's gets quite technical, and it's about where it is made. in short, if it's made in Champagne, France, then it's called champagne. if it's not made in that place in france, it's sparkling wine, but it becomes trivial since people see bubbles and assume and mis-call it champagne. real champagne (ie Moet, which has federer) is expensive!

magaret zhang with models

too short for me to pull off stripes. even if i was tall, i don't think i'm brave enough to wear that.

the macarons were just sweet, and no distinct flavour, but i've had sweeter macarons. my freebies/goodies bag are missing some vouchers. chances are, even if i did have them, 90% i would not use them, since i'm pretty well stocked on make-up, as i don't use a lot, only for dance/some occasions, but i would like to have the option of using those vouchers. someone also took my 10min free make up. oh wells. the notebooks they gave are pretty nice (:

what luck, the last express bus was late about 15min, and i managed to catch it (:

i'm trying to do the healthy thing of eating a bigger breakfast and not eating much at dinner. so far these past two days, breakfast has been bigger than dinner. i guess i had the coffee to sustain my hunger throughout the today, and my milkshake yday. i'm also over free bbqs and maccas. when you think about those sausages, most of it's fat. if i ever have a sausage at home/outside, it has to be lean or gourmet, even though it's more expensive. lean sausages actually have so much less fat. trying to eat healthier these days at uni/home. saving my "quota" of fat for outside/cafe food. during the big mac chant, we got about 5 big macs in our family, since there was a generic voucher. i only had about 1, and my bro had most of it. so over big macs. you know what, so far my lunch yday and today have been vegetarian. i love my meat, but i guess i can survive without meat for lunch. 

also, my mum wants to by a $900 juicer and blender. i'm pretty sure it's commericial, or else it wouldn't be that expensive. apparently it can make purees/hot stuff as well. that money could pay for halfway to america or literally shop-till-you-drop (shopping can become exhausting, walking around the whole day, carrying over ten filled bags...), since everything is so cheap over there! we have a blender we got for free in hk when we bought our rice cooker about 3 years ago, but still haven't used it. i hope we don't get it. there's no room for a coffee machine but room for a massive juicer/blender ): i guess freshly squezzed juices are super healthy, but how many juices do you have to juice to make it worth it? i'm pretty sure buying it from outside would be cheaper. or just use our new and un-used blender.i shall get it out in the end of year break and make healthy smoothies! =D i said that post-hsc, never had the time.


  1. haha, no idea...

    you're becoming quite the pro :P

  2. yeahyeah they make soup/icecream/peanut butters etcetc. but cost 700-900