Friday, September 13, 2013

Umi Sushi

silver mirror test! 
you could actually see your reflection on the test tube (:

i've been thinking about eating sushi the whole week. thanks for coming guys, even though it was last minute/we still have mid sems/assignments. so good catching up with people. thanks for the shout Better! yay, more food as a late bday pressie, haha.

i rarely go out to eat before an exam, but i couldn't resist $2 sushi train! usually, other sushi trains range form $3-8, and i've seen some $10 ones. in hk, you can get good quality stuff for like $1-$5.

waited for so long, but it was expected since the deal was going to be over soon and it was a fri night, and got home alter than planned. was so hungry, didn't have time to take a pic of everything i ate.

scampi. i think people forgot it was $2 for one, and they put two together, which is actually $4, and confused people,  and also getting "half" a plate, so we ended up with some money missing,which i just still helped chipped in at the end. hard to explain.

i had more than this, but then this was also some shared plates i just stacked.


the scallops were my fav. even though people says it's good and worth going to again, i think it's ok. like, these servings of fish were slightly smaller than the previous week, since i think they realised how popular their promotion became. or maybe my standard of outside food has gone up. i'm actually not a picky eater, but for me to go back to a place, it has to be super duper good (since there are heaps of places i still want to try, and need to save money for those places).

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